During my time in the industry I’ve been lucky enough to live somewhere where the local games industry is very active!

I am part of a regular Game Jam team called Frostbite Killed My Carrots which consists of Nick Wilby, Simon Platt, Mark Backler, Matthew Teague, Will Dudley and myself!

Here are some of the games we’ve made together:

Romantic Getaway! Made for the King game jam in London. We were lucky enough to walk away with first place in this jam!

It involves steering your car to avoid traffic whilst performing QTE’s to answer correctly to your partners questions!


Next up, Elven Icesolation for the Great British Winter Game Jam hosted by Space Ape. Lucky enough to get first place again for our horror themed christmas game!GameJam_ElvenIcesolation_GreatBritishWinterGameJam_SpaceApe_London

The Marmalade internal game jam held at our studio in London. Didn’t win this time but it was a Mad Max inspired game and was something to do with guns and trucks….GameJam_GunTruck_01GameJam_GunTruck_02GameJam_GunTruck_03GameJam_GunTruck_04GameJam_GunTruck_05

Weekend game jam hosted at home and surrounded by cats! Monster Truck: Rampage! is a driving game where you have to get to the monster and kill him before he wipes out the population of your city!

GameJam_MonsterTruck_Rampage_01 GameJam_MonsterTruck_Rampage_02 GameJam_MonsterTruck_Rampage_03 GameJam_MonsterTruck_Rampage_04


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